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Bloating during and after recovery

Hey everyone!

I recently did a post about bloating which was highly requested and I thought I would public it here as well + the German edition for those who have difficulties with understanding the English version :)

Hier könnt ihr die deutsche Version von meinem gestrigen Beitrag lesen. Scrollt einfach etwas runter.
Ich hoffe, das hilft und ich werde es in Zukunft öfter so machen, dass ich hier Posts auf Deutsch und Englisch verfasse!

English: Ok I hate posting the first pic because I hate "posing" like that haha but I want to talk about an important topic: bloating.  I've already wrote about this before but feel like it needs more utterance. 
Compare picture one and two. Apart from me, who's gained 10kg from 1 to 2 and changed a lot physically but also mentally, you can see that despite being quite skinny, my belly is bloated in the first picture.
I took this in 2014 when I was discharged from hospital where I had been forced to regain my weight and reach a reasonable (…

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